Keep your loved ones moving safely

Prevent your loved one from falling on the stairs and help them regain their independence at home with a Stannah stairlift. Tailor-made stairlifts to suit your loved one’s needs and staircase.

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Safety and comfort while going up and down the stairs 

Easy to use and quick to install. Stannah stairlifts help your loved ones overcome architectural barriers and regain their independence. 

Five reasons to install a Stannah stairlift at your loved one's home:

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It is the easiest and quickest mobility solution to install and it’s also fairly easy to remove if you wish

Stannah stairlifts will keep running even if there is a power cut

With a Stannah stairlift, your loved one can stay in their home, surrounded by everything they love

Stannah stairlifts use very little electricity, about as much as your kettle

Stannah stairlifts give you and your loved one the peace of mind of knowing they’re using safe, top-quality equipment

Why do people trust Stannah?

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We offer safe, comfortable and customised stairlifts for all types of staircases

Stannah stairlifts help people with reduced mobility regain their freedom of movement and stay in the home they love

Quick and easy buying process, wherever you are in Finland

We’ll recommend the best stairlift for your loved one based on their home and mobility needs

Full support before, during and after the stairlift purchase 


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Curved and straight stairs

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Curved and straight stairs

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Curved stairs

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Curved and straight stairs

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Curved and straight stairs

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Straight outdoor stairs

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Stairlifts designed to fit your loved one’s needs

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We offer a specialised service to help you and your loved one find the stairlift that best fits their mobility needs and staircase. From basic to premium, our stairlifts suit all types of stairs, whether they’re straight, curved or outdoors.

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Advice on the solution that best suits your stairs 

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Once you’ve found the perfect stairlift, the fun part begins! With our vast range of finishes and upholsteries, you and your loved one can customise your new stairlift to match their home decor.

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Stannah operates in more than 40 countries

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750,000 stairlifts
Stannah has installed over 750,000 stairlifts

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Our dedicated team of specialists is always here for you, from the first time you get in touch with us until after the stairlift installation. We take great care in everything we do, so we'll always go the extra mile to ensure you get the best experience and find the right stairlift to help your loved one get moving again.

We'll be there for your loved ones every step of the way

This might be your story… 
Ms Ratajská, 48 years old, from Prague, Czech Republic 

Ms Ratajská bought a Stannah stairlift for her parents because they live on an upper floor and can't go up and down the stairs anymore. She ordered a stairlift from Stannah, and both Ms Ratajská and her parents were quite happy with Stannah's service.

Ms Ratajská appreciates all Stannah has done for her parents and is glad to recommend us to anyone asking her where her parents bought their stairlift.